Need help listing your business?

To list your business, please follow the steps below:


You will need to register in order to list your business. Go to the navigation bar at the top of your screen and click register. Please remember your password as you will need this if you need to make changes to your listing in future.


Once you have registered on the website, your name and email address will automatically load onto your Profile page. You can complete the rest of your profile at your leisure.

Click on Submit Listing

  • Choose the category which best suits your business
  • You will then get a second, individual category to choose for your business – select one
  • Complete the Form, ensuring that you fill in as many areas as possible. This will make for a wider search for your customers and a further reach for your company
  • Keywords: Please only tick the boxes for the services/products that you are able to supply. If there is no keyword for specific services/products listed, please add these into the block marked “other keywords”
  • Address: Please type in the full address for your company OR the area where your company is based. A drop down menu should appear as you are typing. Alternatively you can use the GEO LOCATE button  on the right of the address block.
  • Image upload: If you would like to use your own company logo or picture on the website listing, please upload the picture, making sure that you use the sizing provided on the site. Alternatively our system will automatically generate a stock picture for you.
  • Featured Service Providers: If you would like to bump up your listing to the top of the page, click Yes, and a second page will open, with payment details.
  • Tick the Terms and Conditions and submit your listing.


I have a business that fits into more than 1x category. What should I do?

You will need to list your business in EACH category separately

What do I do if my business has more than 1x branch?

If your business has a branch in more than one suburb, each branch must be listed separately.

Why do I need to include Keywords?

By putting in as many keywords relating to your business as possible, you are increasing the chances of potential customers finding you on the site.

Why do I need to upload a picture?

By uploading a picture or logo, you are giving your company a unique identity, making you stand out from the rest.

If you need further help, please call our office on 0861 111 445 and one of our friendly consultants will gladly assist you.